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BecomeMore Group

After almost 30 years in business, Aveea Partners and Creative Solutions Group have decided to shatter the status quo and BecomeMore.

And it's more than a name change.  The BecomeMore Group is:

  • Expanding our products and services
  • Growing our team
  • Improving our infrastructure
  • Doubling down on our commitment to delivering results





Client Retention


Client Savings (and growing)


Increase in Employee Engagement


Increase in Client Financial Growth



Strategy Holder

Strategic Planning

Our distinctive methodology takes the pain out of the strategic planning process.  Genuine analysis combined with big picture thinking and candid conversations ensure that the organization’s strategy is clear and executable. 


Continuous Improvement Holder

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement (CI) identifies opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste.  Using Lean, Six Sigma, or our trademarked The DMAIC Way process, BecomeMore Group works WITH your staff to introduce and imbed a CI mindset in the organization.   

Coaching Holder


Organizations cannot grow beyond their leaders.  That’s why BecomeMore Group provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Team Coaching and Level-Up Coaching for high potentials. 

Leadership Holder

Leadership Development

Payroll is often an organization’s largest expenditure.  And leaders, from supervisors to the C-Suite are responsible for optimizing that resource.  Yet, only 24% of people-leaders have had formal leadership training.  BecomeMore Group customizes and utilizes blended learning techniques to build and enhance leadership skills throughout the organization. 


Predictive Index

As Iowa’s first and only Select PI Partner, we leverage the power of people-data to enable organizations to attract, retain, lead, and optimize talent. 


Leadership Holder

Learning and Development

Too many employee learning and development programs are a waste of time.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  BecomeMore Group designs and facilitates learning solutions that:

  • Align with your culture
  • Prepares people to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Are immediately applicable  

ISO Holder


BecomeMore Group is your 1-Stop-Shop for implementing and/or improving your ISO system.  Whether you’re looking for an assessment, audit, system optimization, and/or training, we support a variety of systems including ISO9001, ISO45001, AIAG16949, and dozens of others. 

Organizational Development Holder

Organizational Development

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