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Lead your teams with confidence

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Make data-driven people decisions.

Design a winning people strategy.

Develop stronger leaders.


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Use People Data

Understand what drives your people using science-backed behavioral data

Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflict and build trust with personalized 1:1 relationship tips


Use development guides to coach and promote internal talent

How PI Inspire supports your leaders:



Understand your leadership strengths

The PI Behavioral Assessment is powered by 65 years of science and 350+ validity studies. Pinpoint your own workplace drives and needs, so you can leverage your strengths and shore up any caution areas.

View a "Snapshot" of any behavioral profile

PI gives employees the ability to quickly understand and empathize with one another. Pull up any person’s behavioral snapshot in seconds, and learn how they’re wired to think, work, and communicate.





Resolve conflicts, Enable Collaboration

Your team is only as productive as your people—and relationships. Compare your behavioral profile with any peer or report, and get personalized recommendations to build trust and improve teamwork.

Learn how to Manage and Motivate

Every employee desires to have a manager that “gets” them. Use PI to identify exactly what drives your employees, and get recommended actions to motivate them and bring out their best.





Facilitate Career Planning

With PI, your employees always have a path to succeed. Use behavioral data to set development goals, build succession plans, and prepare your reports for future leadership roles.

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