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We Deliver Results

Discover some of the results we have accomplished with our clients.



For us, it starts with being a trusted advisor.

Plus, discovery, learning, growth and work along the way.

To accomplish the results we do, we have to be different.  This means we:

  • Put our clients' needs first
  • View every project as a journey that we will take together
  • Meet our clients where they are -- not where we think they "should" be
  • Focus on doing the "next right thing"
  • Believe the "right" method, system and/or product is the one that works best for our client
  • Identify and discuss options with our clients, provide our recommendation and let our clients choose
  • Support our clients through the good AND bad times 

Growing Firm Struggling to Attract Talent

A growing financial services organization was having difficulty finding entry-level employees. And with their current opportunities, there would soon be a talent gap in leadership as well.

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Building Home Grown Leaders

This Midwestern holding company needed to attract additional leadership talent to fulfill its strategic plan.

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Struggling to Keep People

The metrics were very disturbing for this association. On average, the leadership team had been with the organization for 15 years. And in the last 3 years, turnover with the rank and file had topped 34%. 

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Shattering the Status Quo

The 50-year-old company was steadily declining. A new leader – from outside the industry – was brought in to turn things around. 

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Continuous Improvement Culture

Organizations want a proven method to create sustainable change. Many are familiar with the Lean Six Sigma and know there are lots of options for learning this problem-solving and
improvement methodology.

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Organizational Culture

An Organization's culture sets expectations throughout the team and fuels behavior.  See how we aligned the culture and improved overall performance.

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Effective Succession Planning

CEO with 35 years of experience was ready to retire. Succession of themself along with other senior members of the executive presented significant change for a small-town production facility. 

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Strategic Planning

A rapidly expanding financial organization faced challenges from unchecked growth, leading to an overwhelming project backlog, conflicting priorities, strained financial resources, suboptimal outcomes, and strategic disarray.

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