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Reference Profiles

Dig into the 17 different Reference Profiles that create a behavioral map for different types of people


Analytical Profiles

The Reference Profiles in the Analytical group are more dominant than extraverted and work at a faster pace. They are generally more task oriented as opposed to people oriented.


Intense with high standard and a disciplined, reserved personality.


Self-disciplined and fast-paced, typically straightforward, and operate within established guidelines.


Highly precise worker. Skeptical while respecting authority. 


Natural leaders known to be analytical, results-oriented, and authoritative.


Strong-willed, goal-oriented, and focused on making an impact at work. Expect them to be self-starters and innovators who tackle new problems with enthusiasm.

Social Profiles

The six Reference Profiles in the social group are all highly extraverted. People with profiles in this group are generally people-oriented and outgoing. 


People-oriented, cooperative, and accommodating. They thrive in and help contribute to a culture of teamwork.


Independent and strong-willed, they are natural leaders who inspire and challenge their teams, raising the bar for their organizations.


Warm, informal, outgoing, and congenial people who get along comfortably with most people.​


Visionary who disrupt the status quo with innovation, influence, daring, and a high tolerance for risk.


Persuaders are confident leaders who motivate their teams, make bold decisions, and delegate tasks effectively.


Promoters are charismatic, flexible, and diplomatic team players who love connecting with others.

Stabilizing Profiles

The four Reference Profiles in the stabilizing group are less dominant and extraverted while having a high amount of patience and formality. People with profiles in this group are generally steady, detailed, and work well with structure.


Adapters have a balanced mix of behavioral drives, making them hard to read due to the lack of a clear predominant motivation.



An Artisan is thoughtful, precise, and collaborative, working diligently and quietly. They appreciate recognition for their efforts.


Guardians are unselfish, approachable, and detail-oriented, known for their reliability and perfectionism.


Operators are people you can count on. They are dependable, cooperative, stable, thorough, and relaxed in most circumstances.

Persistent Profiles

The two Reference Profiles in the persistent group are more dominant than extraverted with a high amount of patience. People with profiles in this group are generally task-oriented and deliberate. 



Individualists are confident, analytical, and persistent, turning ideas into reality. Hungry to solve problems and move forward, they dislike getting bogged down in details.



Scholars strive for mastery and work independently to pursue knowledge, valuing stability, consistency, and analytical discipline with exceptional follow-up skills.