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PI Team Types

People are complex. Team Dynamics are more complex.

Take the next step by applying science to team dynamics.

The PI Behavioral Assessment offers a comprehensive insight into an individual's workplace behavior, including their innate drives and needs. It's crucial to recognize that most work is collaborative, so understanding how individual work styles contribute to a team's collective identity is essential. As a team grows in size, the complexity of its identity also increases.


Team Types serve as a straightforward method for comprehending a team's behavior. By analyzing the combined results of a team's behavioral assessment, PI can provide a summary of the team's overall behavioral styles and motivations


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Distinct Team Types


Behavioral Assessments


Teams Analyzed

Overview of The Team Types

The Science of Teams

In 2019, the team at PI embarked on a groundbreaking journey to categorize teams based on the valuable insights from the PI Behavioral Assessment data. With a vast sample of 127,000 individuals spread across 22,000 teams, each person's behavioral traits were meticulously analyzed to create a cohesive team dynamic.

Through this meticulous process, nine distinct Team Types were born, showcasing a harmonious balance in distribution across the extensive dataset.



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