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Chief Optimization Officer

Shattering the Status Quo

In the C-Suite, seasoned professionals bring specialized expertise and diverse perspectives, enabling better decisions. However, most C-Suite structures lack a critical role: aligning organizational improvement.

"Chief Optimization Officer" addresses this gap, proposing an executive focused on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness with existing resources. This book emphasizes the need for a leader dedicated to raising the bar and driving continuous improvement, beyond the roles of Quality Control, Lean, Six Sigma, HR, or Operations.

Embrace the challenge of changing your organization's set point, leveling up, and avoiding the risk of maintaining the status quo. Discover how a Chief Optimization Officer can transform your business for greater success.


The DMAIC Way® Black Belt Field Book

Designed for seasoned professionals, the Black Belt Field Guide is your ultimate resource for mastering The DMAIC  Way®. This guide provides advanced tools and techniques to lead complex projects, drive significant improvements, and achieve operational excellence. Elevate your expertise and become a catalyst for change within your organization.




The DMAIC Way® Green Belt Field Book

The Green Belt Field Guide is perfect for continuous improvement professionals looking to expand their skill set using lean and six sigma methodologies. This guide offers a robust set of tools to effectively manage projects, solve problems, and implement sustainable solutions. Empower yourself to make impactful changes and contribute to your organization's success.


The DMAIC Way® Yellow Belt Field Book

Ideal for kick starting continuous improvement, the Yellow Belt Field Guide introduces the fundamentals of the DMAIC Way®. This guide provides essential tools and step-by-step instructions to support continuous improvement initiatives. Build a strong foundation in process improvement and start making meaningful contributions to your team and organization.

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