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Meet the PI Talent Optimization Platform.  The best teams are magic.  Roles and personalities complement each other.  The whole becomes greater than the parts.  Performance soars.  Finally there is a scientific way to design high-performing teams with predictability. 

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PI Design

Create your team and teamwork tactics to align with your strategy.

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PI Hire

Hire the right people for the tasks needed to achieve the results and strategy you want.

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PI Inspire

Facilitating great performance relies on ensuring team leaders are connecting with their team members.

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PI Diagnose

Get feedback on how willing your team is to go the 'extra mile.'

As Iowa's first and only PI Certified Select Partner, we can fulfill all your Talent Optimization Needs.

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PI Design

Build Cohesive Teams

Turn any team into a dream team.  Join thousands of companies using PI Design to build cohesive, collaborative, successful teams.

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PI Design

PI Hire

Hire with certainty

Right person.  Right time.  Every time.  Make the best hiring decision for any role using millions of data points with PI Hire

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PI Hire





Build teams that drive results.  Managers, meet your favorite solution to build and inspire high-performing employees and teams.

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Build Relationships that thrive.



Become a better leader.




PI Diagnose

Keep your people engaged

Boost employee engagement.  Send science-backed pulse surveys and build outstanding culture.

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PI Diagnose