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Predictive Index

For 75 years, The Predictive Index (PI) has led as a behavioral assessment pioneer and now shines as a modern software provider. It offers a suite of tools for hiring, performance optimization, and team engagement, ensuring businesses align their strategies for people and operations seamlessly. 

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Hire the best candidate every time

  • Align key stakeholders around must-have traits
  • Ensure behavioral and cognitive fit
  • Reduce bias in hiring process 
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Unleash manager potential

  • Solve people issues quickly
  • Improve manager & direct report relationship
  • Support employees in performing at their best
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Create high performing teams

  • Build employee self-awareness
  • Identify causes of team issues
  • Improve team collaboration and results
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Fix issues with engagement

  • Identify causes of low employee engagement
  • Align employees on a common trajectory
  • Grow a positive organizational culture

Lead teams and drive performance

  • Give your managers valuable insights 
  • Empower teams with meaningful feedback
  • Make personal development a priority for everyone

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Discover your Superpowers & Blindspots:

Take the Free Assessment

In just six minutes, gain valuable insights into your motivating needs and drives. This free assessment provides a snapshot of your unique self, offering a starting point for deeper self-awareness and personal growth.

(Estimated time: 5-6 minutes)


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Schedule directly with one of our in-house PI Experts: Scheduling Link.

On the call, you and our PI Team will take a look at your results. By the end of the meeting, you will be given a copy of the following:

  • Personalized Behavioral Report
  • Management Strategy Guide
  • Personal Development Plan
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Predictive Index Overview 



Return on Investment of Predictive Index

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37% of CEO's state hiring at the biggest challenge


Decrease your time to hire in three easy steps:

1. Know your ideal hire by comparing your job description to millions of data points.

2. Understand your candidates by inviting them to take the 6-minute PI Behavioral Assessment™.

3. Secure the right fit every time by using interview questions rooted in people data. Confidently hire the right person.

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2-3x ROI


By saving the turnover cost
of one bad hire at a $75,000 salary
compared to the annual cost of PI.

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Save $2,400 per Employee


Increase profits by $2,400 per employee per year via a 10% growth in employee engagement investment.

Predictive Index's 5 Modules

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PI Hire

Hire the right people for the tasks needed to achieve the results and strategy you want.

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PI Inspire

Facilitating great performance relies on ensuring team leaders are connecting with their team members.

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PI Design

Create your team and teamwork tactics to align with your strategy.

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PI Diagnose

Get feedback on how willing your team is to go the 'extra mile'.


PI Perform

Give managers the tools they need to lead teams and drive performance everyday.

As Iowa's first and only PI Certified Select Partner, we can fulfill all your Talent Optimization Needs.


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PI Hire

Hire with certainty

Right person.  Right time.  Every time.  Make the best hiring decision for any role using millions of data points with PI Hire

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PI Hire





Build teams that drive results.  Managers, meet your favorite solution to build and inspire high-performing employees and teams.

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Build Relationships that thrive.



Become a better leader.





PI Design

Build Cohesive Teams

Turn any team into a dream team.  Join thousands of companies using PI Design to build cohesive, collaborative, successful teams.

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PI Design

PI Diagnose

Keep your people engaged

Boost employee engagement.  Send science-backed pulse surveys and build outstanding culture.

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PI Diagnose

PI Perform

Drive performance

Give managers the tools they need to lead their teams and drive performance every day

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Where we go Beyond & BecomeMore:

We supplement all of the Predictive Index modules with workshops for all users in an organization.

PI Bootcamp
Who: PI Practitioners

Two day virtual workshop for PI Practitioners in your organization.

Day One focuses on the foundation of Predictive Index, how to apply PI solutions to develop & execute a talent optimization strategy.

Day Two kicks off with hands on experience doing readbacks as well as software set-up, navigation, and efficiency.

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Executive Leadership Team Workshop
Who: Executive teams

Half-day workshop for the Executive Leadership Team that focuses on understanding what Predictive Index measures and how they can use the data to:

  • Improve communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Build productive teams
  • Identify strengths, blind spots, and organizational gaps
Schedule your own private Workshop
Advanced PI Champions Manager Workshop
WHO: Managers using PI

Three half-day workshop for managers will:

  • Develop an understanding of people data and what drives and motivates their staff
  • Teach managers how to use people data to set expectations, maximize staff efforts, and grow their team
  • Enable managers to use people data to address under-performance
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