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PI Hire

Reduce Time. Reduce Effort. Right Hire.



Strengthen Your Hiring Process

Fit the right person to the right role using over 70 years of People Data.


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Know Your Ideal Hire

Paste your job description to get your ideal candidate benchmark - based on millions of data points

Understand your Candidates

Invite your candidates to take the 6-minute PI Behavioral Assessment™ to see how well they align with your needs.

Secure the Right Fit - Everytime

Use interview questions rooted in people data so you can speak directly to your behavioral target. And confidently hire the right person, regularly.


How does it work? Lets get into it:


Align your Hiring Team

Avoid the risk of hiring the wrong candidate and save time and frustration in your hiring process. Aligning everyone around the essential qualities needed in a candidate. By starting early and reducing bias, you can uncover the true potential that will transform them into a superstar performer.


Define The role

Every job is one-of-a-kind, calling for a specific set of behaviors. We are here to assist in pinpointing the Behavioral Target for your role, which encompasses the range of behaviors necessary for a candidate to thrive. You have the option to choose from our ready-to-use targets, replicate the traits of a top-performing employee, or collaborate with your hiring manager to create a customized one from scratch.



invite and assess candidates

Each candidate possesses their own unique set of behaviors. You can now send our scientifically validated Behavioral Assessment, which only takes six minutes, to as many candidates as you desire. Through this assessment, we will accurately determine the Reference Profile and specific behavioral pattern that perfectly aligns with your open role. Additionally, make use of our Cognitive Assessment, which serves as an invaluable data point. This assessment measures the candidate's general cognitive ability, allowing you to gauge their learning and adaptability in any given role.



See how PI Hire can find you your next Rockstar:

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match and prioritize top candidates

Discover how your candidate’s behavioral characteristics align with your Job Target. The qualities needed to excel can vary greatly between a superstar graphic designer and a top-notch sales manager. Empower yourself with the necessary tools to find the perfect candidate. Gain insight into their match score and how well they fit the target you've established, along with their strengths and areas where they may not align. Utilize our targeted Interview Builder questions to delve deeper into these traits and make an informed decision.



Dig Deeper with targeted interview questions

The Interview Builder revolutionizes the hiring process by harnessing the power of robust behavioral data and innovative technology. With its countless new combinations of targeted questions, it empowers hiring teams to pinpoint the exact candidate criteria they desire and uncover the core attributes they seek in an ideal hire.


Win that stellar candidate

Get ahead in today's competitive job market. PI empowers you with the confidence to choose the perfect fit, faster. By identifying candidates with innate behaviors, you can accurately predict who will thrive in the role and make a lasting impact.


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