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Leading people, growing organizations, and optimizing opportunities is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage, drive, discipline and maybe just a dash of good fortune. Tammy and Scott, mavericks, business owners, life-long learners, collaborators and sometimes competitors join forces to explore the world of work. They tackle real-life work issues – everything from jerks at work to organizational burnout. And while they may not always agree – Tammy and Scott’s experience, perspective and practical advice helps viewers turn the kaleidoscope, examine options and alternatives, and identify actionable solutions.
The Leadership Line Podcast
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Individuals in the C-Suite are typically seasoned professionals. They bring a tremendous amount of specialized expertise to the table. Each of them is responsible for a specific area of risk and/or opportunity. And they tend to see the world through very different lenses. So, when the C-Suite is brought together as a whole, their diverse perspectives view information, opportunities, and risks from different angles – enabling the organization to make better decisions.
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