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PI Diagnose

Boost Engagement & Build an Outstanding Culture

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Employee Experience Survey

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Reimagine Employee Engagement Surveys

Boosted with the Data-Driven PI Platform.

PI Diagnose



Step 1: Choose a Validated Survey Template


Select a pulse survey curated by our team of industrial-organizational psychologists and science PhDs.


Step 2: Send confidential, easy-to-answer surveys to your team


Collect anonymous feedback from your employees with an intuitive and secure user experience.


Step 3: Get Real-time insights to boost engagement & retention


See your results in real time, deeply understand your people, and pinpoint where you need to take action.

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Get accurate engagement data


Understand what’s driving disengagement with our employee experience survey. Send or schedule the survey in a few clicks, and learn exactly where your team’s engagement is strongest or weakest.

Leverage detailed science to support your direction


Our team of behavioral scientists developed a framework to identify four key drivers of engagement: job, manager, team, and organization. Pick from a range of surveys, each validated for measuring engagement, and get accurate readouts you can rely on.

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Utilize industry benchmark comparisons


See how your engagement data stacks up to similar companies based on 25,000 industry benchmarks. Learn exactly where you’re behind the curve (culture, team trust, etc.), and turn caution areas into a competitive edge.

Get real-time feedback with quick, easy pulse questions

Worried about survey fatigue? Don’t be. Our pulse surveys provide targeted feedback on everything from job satisfaction to DEI. They’re easy to send out, and take just 2 minutes for employees to complete.

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