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Cindy Slobaszewski

Business assistant

Cindy Slobaszewski, a seasoned professional with an innate passion for organization and efficiency, embarked on a second career journey as a Business Assistant after embracing retirement. Cindy's dedication to excellence and problem solving has been a consistent thread throughout her diverse professional experiences.

Upon completing her first career, where she worked in publishing and was responsible for office operations managing the support team, contracts, and payments; as well as analyzing and streamlining processes, Cindy chose not to view retirement as a period of rest but as an opportunity for a new chapter. Her decision to join the workforce once again was driven by a desire to continue contributing her skills and knowledge.

With a solid foundation of attention to detail, organization and analytical skills, and problem solving, Cindy seamlessly transitioned into her role as a Business Assistant supporting the BecomeMore Group.

Cindy's second career has not only been a testament to her adaptability but also a demonstration of her lifelong learning mindset. She eagerly embraces new technologies and methodologies, staying current in an ever-evolving professional landscape.

Outside the office, Cindy is an avid crafter, finding joy in sharing her projects with those around her. Her commitment to a balanced lifestyle is reflected in her approach to both work and personal life.

In her role as a Business Assistant, she brings a wealth of experience that enriches the work culture. Her journey serves as an inspiration to those contemplating a second career, proving that passion, dedication, and a commitment to continuous growth can redefine one's professional narrative.


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