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Karman Hotchkiss

Optimization consultant

Karman has more than 30 years of corporate management experience, helping people and processes get better in an industry undergoing dramatic disruption. With a degree in communications, Karman specializes in listening, evaluating, and helping people find their “ah-ha” moments. 
She loves using the lessons from her corporate career to help other people take the next step. Like the time her boss gave her feedback that made her ready to look for a new job. Like the time a difficult employee came back years later to thank her. Like the time she took a step down the ladder to stay employed. Like the time karma led her to an awesome new promotion. 
Karman specializes in reinvention. And she loves helping other people reinvent themselves and their organizations too. As a BecomeMore Group contributor, she specializes in Change Management, Predictive Index, Leadership, Coaching, and other transformative topics. 

Learn more about Karman in her LinkedIn profile or by contacting us at BecomeMore Group. 


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