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Natalie Clement

Graphic Design Consultant

From the moment Natalie could hold a pencil, she has been creating art. This has been her true passion since day one. Aspiring to be an artist was something Natalie always dreamed of. She took excessive art classes in school and even outside of school, practicing all mediums and withholding talent in each of them. Along the way, she has developed numerous other passions/hobbies. At the age of 11, she learned how to ride and show horses. To this day, she has an impeccable bond with these animals and continues to show nationally for the Arabian Horse Association. She also ran track and cross country for a consecutive 9 years. She competed at both the high school level and in her collegiate years at Wartburg College.

While becoming engulfed in her other passions, Natalie quickly realized at the age of 19 how much she had missed the world of the arts. She transferred from Wartburg College where she ran track and majored in Public Relations, to Iowa State University to leave the running world behind and start her journey as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. In 2022, Natalie fell in love with her new path, Ames, Iowa, and the Design program at her new school. 

She has discovered the deepest affection for design. She is an extremely determined designer, who loves using all sorts of mediums, trying new things, and learning more about what she can do each day. Crafting her own unique style has been an adventure. Within her work, she hopes you too can feel the devotion and fire that has been ignited in her throughout the years of studying graphic design. Natalie is eager about her new and exciting journey with BecomeMore as a Graphic Design Consultant. She cannot wait to learn and grow even more!


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