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Tapping into your Employee's Discretionary Effort

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Every day each of us has a choice. We can do what we HAVE to do, or we can do what we are CAPABLE of doing.  The difference between those two choices is discretionary effort.  And that decision – whether it is conscious or not -- can change the trajectory of a career, project, team, department, or organization.  

  • Employees don’t have HAVE to give their best.   
  • Employees don’t HAVE to bring new ideas to the table. 
  • Employees don’t HAVE to go the extra mile. 

But what would happen if they did?  How would the culture change?  And what impact would it have on the individual life and the organization’s success? 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the cost of untapped potential 
  • Uncover why most employee engagement programs do not work 
  • Discover the barriers the keep employees from giving their all 
  • Determine how they (and their organizations) can tap into discretionary effort 

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