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Wasted Excellence

snow in Reine Village, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Green concept as a leaf tree on top of mountain heap of garbage with roots as an environment or conservation icon for waste management or new healthy beginning.-1



Quality experts know all about the “eight types of waste”. And for many of the rest of us – we assume that this concept must be above our skill set. It must be some technical manufacturing process improvement techniques that require a lot of analysis and match. Nope, this is a misconception. 

How often have you seen people: 

  • Spend time on the wrong priority? 
  • Put additional effort in a project that had no return on investment? 
  • Run down details and information that were superfluous? 

Imagine the benefits and impacts to your organization if you eliminated wasted excellence! 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify examples of Wasted Excellence. 
  • Learn how you can identify opportunities to eliminate waste. 
  • Learn how to discern value in change. 
  • Learn how to problem solve and engage others in the process. 

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