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Change Management

In a world of constant change,

Change Management skills are your Secret Weapon




Change Management Series


Most organizations spend a lot of time planning for how to execute a planned change—the org charts, the process diagrams, the rollout timelines. But in the meantime those same organizations often overlook the PEOPLE part of change management. How to get their teams invested in the success of a change … how to recruit the people who are on the fence … how and when to seek feedback about the change.  

It takes thoughtful leadership to plan and implement a change that will be successfully absorbed into the organization’s culture. During change management, leaders need to be ready to:

  • Ensure that every member of the organization—from top to bottom—has a clear understanding of how they personally respond to change. And where they tend to get “stuck” during a transformation—jeopardizing their own progress and that of the organization.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of leaders during change management. And learn the skills to lead and support others during change.
  • Prepare with the tips, tools, techniques, and practices that will support change champions AND address change resistors.

Embrace Change and Unleash Your Organization's Potential

Our change management series is designed for leaders at all levels who are committed to driving positive change with the people in their organizations. Through a combination of expert instruction and interactive exercises, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to navigate change effectively and lead your team to success.

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Course Agenda

Day 1:

Stuck in the Change Curve: Recognizing Individuals' Response to Change

Explore the psychology of change and individuals' responses to transitions. Understand the Change Curve to anticipate resistance, recognize your own tendencies for handling change, and support your team members during the change process.

Day 2:

Leading Through Change: The Steps that Drive Buy-In

Discover how the B-U-I-L-D model of change management helps leaders create a shared vision, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and foster a resilient and adaptable culture. You’ll learn when and how to incorporate feedback without derailing the change process, and how to recruit the enthusiasm of the organization’s most influential team members. 

Day 3:


This one is big. Holding individuals accountable for their contributions to the change process is essential for achieving the desired outcomes. In this module, you'll explore the principles of effective accountability, learning how to set clear expectations, provide ongoing feedback, and address performance issues. Our proven technique for addressing problem behaviors will ensure that everyone is aligned with the organization's goals and moving together towards success.


Course Details:

VIRTUAL VERSION (see dates at right): 
Duration: 8:30 AM-Noon
Frequency: 1 morning per week for 3 weeks
Course is hosted virtually via Zoom 

IN-PERSON VERSION (see dates at right): 
Duration: 8:30 AM - 4 PM
Frequency: 2 days in a row 
Course is in person at our Des Moines Training Center

Facilitator: Karman Hotchkiss



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Change Management Series
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