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Project Management Leadership

Successfully lead projects without burning yourself or your team out.



Are you juggling a full-time job with the responsibility of leading projects? You're not alone! Many employees today find themselves wearing multiple hats, and project management often becomes an additional task on their plate.

But fear not! This interactive and practical workshop is designed specifically for part-time project managers like you. Here, you'll learn the essential skills and tools you need to lead projects successfully without getting burnt out.

What You'll Learn:

    • The Phases of a Project: Gain a clear understanding of the project lifecycle, from initiation to completion.
    • People-Centric Project Management: Discover how to manage the human side of projects effectively, fostering collaboration and engagement amongst your team.
    • Simple Tools for Project Planning & Execution: Learn practical tools and techniques for planning, scheduling, and managing your projects efficiently.
    • Scope & Timeline Management Secrets: Uncover strategies to keep your project on track and within budget, avoiding scope creep and delays.
    • Facilitative Techniques for Team Alignment: Master effective communication and facilitation skills to ensure team alignment and reduce meeting time.

The Double-Dipping Advantage:

This workshop adopts a unique "double-dipping" learning approach. You'll bring a real work project you're leading and use it as the foundation for learning. This practical application allows you to:

    • Immediately apply the acquired knowledge and skills to your actual project.
    • Develop a concrete plan for successful project execution.
  • Leave the workshop feeling confident and empowered with your project already Kicked-Off!

Workshop Agenda

Day 1:

Self-Awareness as a Leader

Knowing ourselves and how we interact with others allows us to best apply our strengths to lead. This workshop will analyze what challenges project leaders face, what are key elements to success, and arm our leaders with tools to overcome our challenges to set our teams up for success. 


Project Structure Methodology

There are many different methodologies for executing projects. Compatible with any methodology you choose, learn key milestone to support your projects and keep you on the right track. Our structure also enables the breaking down of complex projects into bite-sized pieces to aid in speed and effectiveness.

Day 2:

Start your Project

Getting things kicked off on the right foot can be a strong indicator for project success. Work with our Project Management experts to start your projects for success and support you with a team of bought-in members to ensure you achieve the desired outcomes.


Definition of Done & Outcome-Focus

Many organizations suffer from what we call "Forever Projects". Enable yourself to stay out of these challenges on your project by getting to the core of Outcome-Based Projects and our Definition of Done to continually drive your projects towards a tangible, meaningful result.


Workshop Details:

Duration: 2 days (8:30AM -4:00PM)

Workshop is offered virtually 


Facilitator: Michael Peterson

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Meet Michael


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Sept 19th & 20th
Project Management Leadership
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Project Management Leadership
Workshop via Zoom

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